dinsdag 20 april 2010

What have they been up to????

Today I got this secret notecard with a kind request to spread this word around...

"Dear Friends,

On the 23rd of April, Friday's, at 11 am slt, we will celebrate the opening of the secret science project. For months we (Kalilah, MeBo, Wim, Liza and Yolanda) have been working on this project inspired upon area 51.


Besides live music, dances, drinks and all the things that belongs to a great party, you can also enjoy and experience this new place.

You can feel for yourself what it means when there is no gravity, ask yourself questions about an abandoned lab (something happened there but what?), find out what the scientist Tesla meant to the world and sit on one of the moons. And, oh, what is it they try to hide in the vault underground?

To stimulate your curiosity even more, we include a few snapshots

we hope to see you on the 23rd of April at 11.00 am slt

Kalilah, MeBo, Wim, Liza and Yolanda"

HMMM I am curious!! Keep you posted!

kind regards