zondag 7 december 2014

Creating in both Worlds

After designing for 3d printing I sometimes wonder where have I been all these years in Virtual Worlds!! But yeh I was mainly adoring creations of others and saw them growing. Now it is my time!! Finally 

zaterdag 6 december 2014

Singularity is near!

An avatar is a virtual reflection of yourself. An ideal person and you are the one that controls it. For many years me and my avie had so much fun walking the virtual worlds. We saw both the future through beautifull creations and some are created as prototyping for real. Today I am onSIMVALLEY NL and John Silver pointed me out that he decorated the Ballroom sim. He told me about this new dancing machine were you can dance with other Avatars but now allso with an NPC. In here I can just choose my dancepartner... Amazing... I mean thinking of this.. in this virtual world we are living the future. Simulate what can be for real. I mean with the future of robotics the same will happen for real!! I can just choose what my partner will look like and dance with him the whole night through.. and the best is ..ON MY TERMS!! Wow ..Singularity is Near!! 

vrijdag 13 juni 2014

AdMiRe is Back!!

AdMiRe is back – in a new location and even better than ever –   12-14 September 2014

AdMiRe (Adorable Mixed Realities) is a chance to join SL musicians for a weekend of music, laughter and mayhem in a beautiful castle called De Berckt in Baarlo, Limburg, Netherlands.  Arrive on Friday 12 September around 3pm and enjoy the music-making that continues until the early hours of Sunday 14 September!

The theme of AdMiRe is “collaboration” – events and performances feature creativity, exploration and support especially between musicians some of whom have never played together before.  What’s more, large portions of the live music is simulcast into Second Life for the enjoyment of those unfortunate people unable to attend in person.

Musicians you may hear over the weekend include Kaycee Drayman & Wannahave Ferraris, Xander Nichting & Allegra3/Sandra, Inchino Melson, Tim Anadyr, Kleio Dagastino & Ian Bleac, Aminius Writer and many more.  Join now and your name could be added to this list!

The new venue is the castle De Berckt in Baarlo, province of Limburg in the Netherlands.  The castle used to be a monastery so there is a chapel. We are hiring this wonderful chapel venue with its own  bar and 20 bedrooms, varying from 1 bed to 4 beds.  We will ask you in the booking form to mention your preference.
The castle has a vast garden with plenty of possibilities for artists to work together on their upcoming performance.

Kasteel De Berckt
De Berckt 1
5991 PD  Baarlo
Baarlo has 4 airfields surrounding it, two in the Netherlands (Eindhoven and Aken/Maastricht) and two in Germany.  If you come from abroad, the best airport to land is Düsseldorf. Rom there a train to Venlo (Netherlands) and from there bus 77, stop De Berckt. From the busstop it's a walk of about 1 kilometer to the castle. So, the castle is not in a place that can easily be reached by public transport. Please make appropriate travel plans (like being picked up at Venlo station).

You!  Whether you are an avid fan or friend, a musician or a builder – there is an opportunity for everyone to hang out with other Second Life citizens in Real Life and have an enjoyable time.

Come and take part and create magic moments together through listening to and creating live music.

Bring your RL friends, family or anyone you can think of.  There is enough at AdMiRe and nearby to keep everyone entertained and busy for a (hopefully) Indian summer’s weekend.

We need you to book now as the Admire foundation has to pay the venue part of the price we owe them. Therefore we ask you to pay a part of your booking price AT BOOKING.
You can indicate your type of participation (as a performer or otherwise) on the booking form (below) when booking.

This year you can book only through the AdMiRe organization. Because of a sponsor who wants to stay anonymous, we can offer you prices lower than the cost of our bookings with De Berckt.
See the booking form (attached hereto) for the different packages possible.
Check-in from 3pm on Friday 12 September. Check-out after brunch on Sunday14 September.
Bring your own towels (sheets are availabe for free) or rent towels at the venue for € 1.= pp.

The booking form is below. Please complete and return it via email (admire2014@gmail.com). Due to our obligation to the venue to give them a list of persons who stay the night(s), we need the RL names of those who choose to sleep in the castle. 
Payment, in full, is due on August 15, 2014. However with your sending in your booking form, we ask you for a prepayment of € 50.= or the full amount of your package if that is less.  HOWEVER, as the bank account is not yet active, we ask you to withhold your payment until we tell you it is time to pay.

There will be an AdMiRe desk for check-in and help on site.  Drinks ‘tokens’ can be bought from the  AdMiRe desk to be surrendered for drinks at the bar.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of the management team who will be happy to assist you, read our newsletter or send an e-mail to admire2014@gmail.com.

All the best, and we’ll be in touch with pre-event information nearer to the time. We look forward to seeing you there!

Inchino Melson (a bit of Everything)
Kaycee Drayman (Bookings / Music Coordinator)
XanderNichting Writer (Sound Coordinator)
Wannahave Ferraris (local coordinator)


SL NAME :          

RL NAME (obligation for those who choose packages 1, 2 or 3):



1.       Full package
Includes 2 nights in a double room , 1 dinner on Friday, 1 dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, admittance to AdMiRe for the weekend, tourist tax and free coffee and tea all for € 115.= pp. We expect you to share a room with (at least) 1 other person. If you want a room for you alone, the price will be € 140.= pp.

2.       Big package
As #1 but without the dinner on Friday : € 100.= pp  (Room alone € 125.= pp)

3.       Medium package
As in #1 but for 1 night (Saturday) only, 1 dinner on Saturday, 1 brunch on Sunday, admittance to AdMiRe on Saturday etc etc. for € 85.=

4.       Small package 1
Includes admittance to AdMiRe for the weekend, dinner on Friday AND Saturday and free coffee and tea for  € 57.50
5.       Smaller package 2
Includes admittance to AdMiRe on Friday OR Saturday (please indicate which day you will come) with dinner and free coffee and tea for € 32.50

6.       Even smaller package 3
Includes admittance to AdMiRe for the weekend with free coffee and tea for € 27.50

7.       Minimal package
Includes admittance to AdMiRe on Friday OR Saturday (please indicate which day you will come) with free coffee and tea for € 17.50

Tickets at the door will be sold for € 25.= on Friday evening or Saturday.

PLEASE indicate here which package you choose : ……………………. 1  2  3  4  5  6  7
PLEASE indicate here whether you want a room alone to yourself : ………….YES / NO
PLEASE indicate here if there is a certain person or persons you want to share a room with :
PLEASE transfer a prepayment amount of € 50.= (or the full price of packages 5, 6 and 7)  AFTER WE ASKED YOU TO DO SO. We are enjoying some counterproductive cooperation from the bank in opening the account.
PLEASE make sure the rest of the amount you owe us is transferred to the same account latest on August 15, 2014.

PLEASE indicate here when you have special wishes like vegetarian food or a disabled room or whatever else :
Thank you for your booking for this wonderful event and we’ll see you in September !!!
Stichting AdMiRe Board.

zondag 23 juni 2013

Peter Vos Metamorphoses

From the 8th of june till 6th oktober there is an exhibition of Peter Vos in the Rembrandthuis 

This exhibtion you can also virtually visit in Second Life 

To get an impression of this Dutch artist there is a machinima made by 

Peter Vos - Metamorphoses (In Second Life) from Yesikita Coppola on Vimeo.

donderdag 28 februari 2013

Shapeways World Meetup Day #SWmeetup: Making the Virtual Real

Join us Thursday, February 28th, for a virtual meet up as part of the+Shapeways World Meetup Day 2012. It will be hosted by +JoJa Dhara who along with +Jeroen Frans (Frans Charming) will be on site at the Shapeways Meetup in Amsterdam. We will share updates from the local event as well as have a featured conversation with Maxi Gossamer a jewlery designer (http://maxi-gossamer.blogspot.com) who uses both Second Life and Shapeways to design and sell her 3D creations.

From Maxi's blog post on using Shapeways for 3D printing what were originally 3D virtual jewelry designs:

Shapeways and 3D printing is something that many SL creators could start thinking about right now. We can build in mesh for Second Life and then take those meshes and send them to the awesome Shapeways (3D printing bureau and shop), upload them and make them available for sale as real world products too, offering lots of different materials from Sterling silver, to bronze and other materials. This is really quite an amazing opportunity for digital creators of all kinds. 

Join us in +Second Life at:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vesuvius/105/167/25 or watch online the Netherlands Shapeways meetup at:http://www.ustream.tv/channel/metameets

February 28th, 2013, 10:30 AM PDT (SL) / 1:30 PM EST

zaterdag 22 december 2012

Same Music but Two different worlds

Tonight two worlds got connected with music.

With help of January Lightfoot of 3DBerlin it was possible to have a party in Second Life Club Sound on New Berlin and on Cloudparty in Thoy's Club.

In both worlds I was dancing but listening to the same music as some one made music streaming possible in Cloudparty. Also thanks to Henmations we can now dance around the worlds.

This give more changes for the music world as Cloudparty is browser based and easy to acces for people that can not handle Second Life (yet).

Cloud Party Bugle: Live Music Event in Both Cloud Party AND Second Li...

Cloud Party Bugle: Live Music Event in Both Cloud Party AND Second Li...: Today is the first-ever live music (DJ) event to take place in two separate virtual worlds simultaneously: the Endzeit (End of Time) Party! ...