donderdag 28 juni 2012


I am not gonna scream out this will be the next SL and say LindenLab be aware with this new world.
Most of us were born in this Virtual world called Second life and the succes concept is a headstart for other developers to create new 3d environments.

But yeh what a party this is for Virtual Worlds users. Specially as it is in your browser and no need for any downloads.
Another step for non virtual world users to understand what Virtual Worlds are about as in a socializing creative concept.

Just as Kitely you use the loggin of Facebook by go to "try it" at

You will enter a beginners space and from there you be guided to follow a tutorial which easy to handle.
If you do your tasks you get a house on an Island for free.

All creation is done in MESH.

People are making allready the most createst designs.

Unfortunate I am not such a designer but walking around the world to see the beauty of creation.

Keep you posted on my adventure in this new world.

See you in Cloudparty