donderdag 3 november 2011

Call for Kirsten!!

It has been awhile since I blogged on my blog. Virtual Worlds can be time consuming especially inclusive you’re Physical Life.
But I have been involved with a new project and a new world called Avination.
It has been an interesting road to join Avination specially when you see developers come and go. Mainly because the feeling that Avination is just the same as worlds as Second life and yes it stabilizes enough to come close to it.
Of course in development mainly disagreements happen but I am glad that now in Avination is developing to a stable grid.
What I like most of Avination and their vision is not to be the best and let the world know but to stand and connect with other worlds.
That is my first vision when I came to Avination and liked. We can take our avatars name with us that we are so used to, can exchange valuta and with the technology from AlterWhere
friends in SL can call us up.

At this moment there is a project going on in Avination about the celebrations of Halloween. And it is beautiful for what a community can do. This project is about community designing and working together on a theme Sim. There is contest of decorating huge pumpkins and creators in Avination are allowed to have a shop on the area. Also and that is so nice there is a game called the Edge game made by a passionate resident.

But ok the title of this blog is not come to Avination (even I would suggest go and have a visit) but the Kirsten Viewer!

As I was making pictures of this beautiful sim I used the Kirsten. It surprises me always what all the features are of this viewer so you can make wonderful pictures. I definite understand Machinima makers why they love it so much. I was also proud to have Kirsten talking on MetaMeets and it is a pity as we all know that he and his partner Dawny had to make though decisions.

But have look at the photos of this project in Avination made with Kirsten we should not let down this viewer!! I have faith that Kirsten as he mentioned can develop it to something stronger.

Yes I admit I am using Kirsten only a few months now. Unfortunate the former releases my computer could not handle but now I have one that can handle my computer.
There for it make me stronger believe that the viewer can only become better and better.
Kirsten likes to be in depended to be available for most worlds. That I like about him. So investment is needed also from the other worlds to make this development going.
But also from the public. Kirsten himself really whished he could keep it for free to develop but the odds are against it. Event though it is normal that project like this if you want to make it more stronger and better you need to invest in better equipment / software. It is adorable enough to see with less he had he could make something wonderful.

So please go to the link and help Kirsten Viewer to develop!