dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Wandering around the Worlds again!

It has been awhile that a walked around the worlds. I was stuck in one virtual world and learned a great deal about Community Management. Building a bridge between the company and its residents/costumers. It has been a learning point that not allways they combine. But that is what the Community Manager is for.
Unfortunate I had to decide to choice for the Community as the company was not seeing them as they really are.

But it was a great experience and now I am back walking around the worlds.
I must say it is a great feeling of freedom after being so pressured from time to time and it is great I can do again what I loved the most. That is adore meeting people, connecting them and admiring so much their creation.
Today a friend send me a landmark of an exhibition "You Choose". This will only last for another day and it will go.
And yes good thought what will I choose ;-)
Deep in my heart I regret the desicion I was forced to make as I really loved to work with the community and make them more visible. But for time being I am going to go back what I loved the most that is bring the virtual community together in reallife.
This time not in the spring/sumemr time but in Autumn.
After that we will see what comes on my path. But my choose will not be at in this picture Sleep but Go Work!!