maandag 5 maart 2012

JoJa's Home

For the first time in all these years I finally found a Home in the Virtual Worlds.
These last few weeks I guided a friend to create his own grid with the software of Open Sim used by DreamLandMetaverse It has been a great experience to set this grid up. Specially after a happy face of the owner.

Because of my effords I am alloud to own a sim called Suydersee attached to the sim Zwolle.
As I am living on the bottom of the Suydersee I am finally home. I used a fantasy file of Linda Kellie as I am a lazy builder or better to say I adore admire the creations that people are making.

With the soft music on my sim I am finally feeling at home. So strange as I been traveling a lot. Tried a lot of houses and owned sims on Second Life and other worlds. Still there was not a real comfort. Never the less I adore the places still and have some camping sites.
That I will visit regulary.
But on AviWereld I settled my home ;-)