vrijdag 28 mei 2010


As someone exploring the Virtual Worlds I got myself invited for this great congres.
A congres were policy makers, companies and It managers would come together.
To explore to meet, network about the future of internet. My expectations are high ofcourse as I am walking in the future. Using all the social media that are developed to communicate to exchange and explore the unless posibilities.
Got my tweeddeck ready and the hashtack by hand with the thought to cover it as much as we can.
There was a great entrance and most tastefull stroopwafels. Programme was well displayed on screens, announcements to keep us on track and we got attacked by the matchmaking team.
One screen showed us the livestream posibilty the twitterfall and moby pictures.
With my minilaptop I settled with my coffee and stroopwafel and then the first suprising thing happend: No WIFI connection.
Through my dongel I finaly conected and asked the organisation if there is a wifi connection and what pasword was. I got a reply with the pasword and the message that the wifi is not that strong and they are working on that.

An hour later speeches from Nelie Smit Kroes is saying everyone must get connected by strong broadband. The thought is to start around 2013 for better and faster internet and by 2020 most households will be connected.

This would be the Challange of Change as the theme of the conference says.
The challange I am allready having to be at a WICT conference and we are disconnected ;-)

During the day Nelie had a word with Dom Sogalla and through twitter she wanted to meet 5 million people and the question was how to do that?

My suggestion through the twitter hashtag wcit2010 was to give a workshop twittering. More then 2000 people where at this conference and only a handfull of people were using twitter to cover the tracks.

But my suprises and questions where answered on the second day by our crown prince.
He mentioned that according to researches only 12% of Dutch population are using the internet in a proper usefull way. I am proud to be one of the 12% but what about the 88% that has acces to strong broadband but are still lost in the digital way?

On the third day we had a closing statement that there should be women in IT.

Indeed only around 700 women where at this conference. But the ones that spoke infront of these men in grey suites where powerfull and fiberent. Women are the communication sourses and they know how to combine and co operate all systems, different area's , with great values without any competition.

It was the most interesting days for me and I met great men and women. Most encounters I had where people that belong to the 12% but also people I might could have thouched to explain about a different kind of internet.
The Internet of Virtual Worlds.

One big message there is. A lot needs to be done and I am totally curious with all budget costs by our goverments because of the crisis how we are going to connect people together. How we are reaching these 88% of the population to use the internet as a valuebile tool.
To make it part of their lives to make lives easier. To bring back the economy by using these tools.
As people can get now homebased education and enriches there life. As people can work from home specially the ones that are now excluded from the society.

A big challange to change and yeh always start first by youself with better connections ;-)

I am back in to my virtual life and explain the community we have a lot to do.

Lets help the people to connect and take them by the hand.

Lets get connected!

JoJa Dhara

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