dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Virtual Life Rule: Real Life goes first

So many stories to write about. Specially after MetaMeets,R U There premiere and the changes in the virtual world Second life but then unfortunate things can happen in Real Life.

Now there is one rule in a virtual life is to let Real Life go first. Something that is so important as we know you can easily be caught up in a Virtual Life.

Virtual Lives is a tool to communicate, to explore the world you might not be able to reach in Real life.
To connect with people you never ever thought of and meet them also in Reallife.

Virtual lives is a tool to develop yourself, to express, be able to find a way in life that you could not do in Reallife.

Virtual lives is a tool not a life itself.

That is why I love so much cross over like cross media events. Like soon Admire 2010 and hopefully much bigger MetaMeets.

Last time I was at a party of some friends and isn't it wonderfull that not only the reallife persons where there but also virtual friends who are not be able just to come over.
Yes they invited some great artists to play their music at their party and they streamed it for their Virtual Friends.

But to go back to the first rule in Virtual living.
At this moment Reallife will take a lot of time of me which is more important ever and I am busy to ease up my virtual life and unfortunate decisions has to be made.
In the virtual World Second Life I have to let go of one of my sims. We all moved to the remaining one that has a wonderful community that I am so grateful for their understanding.

This decision will make it more possible to be at ease and also to give more time to this community.

I always say a virtual year is from September till June. In the months of July and August we go on holiday but we also can look back on the new developments of the year before and what we can develop better for the next coming year.

We are now as community preparing for the next year.
As community manager of this Community I am really looking forward.
My mind can go back to MetaMeets 2011 and more events that is in the planning.

To all in reallife and virtuallife I want to wish you all a great holiday!!!

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