dinsdag 11 januari 2011

A Virtual Meeting with a great Dutch artist Peter Vos

More then a half year ago I met an avatar named Karkassus Jigsaw. I met him because of the movie R U There

We saw each other in Amsterdam Premiere of the movie.

In SL we stayed in touch and around December I got a poster of him that soon a exhibition will be opened by an artist called Peter Vos.
I asked him if he had a press release and loved to promote the exhibition but honest I did not pay that much attention as I know now that this avatar and I were going through the same ordeal in RL.

There fore I left SL a little bit behind me.

Christmas passed away with a sorrow heart and I waved this old horrible year goodbye.

Slowly I retuned to the virtual world and yesterday Karkassus proudly mentioned that the exhibition will be opened that night. He gave me a new poster and LM.
Paying more attention to it I Googled Peter Vos and I thought SHAME on me!!

I understood much more now how this exhibition came about and also that in these past three months building it up we were doing quiet the same only in different ways.

I read about Peter Vos and seeing the exhibition in SL I started to recognize some of his beautiful drawings. His amazing drawings specially the ones that is made of a size of a former dutch coin Rijksdaalder.

On this picture of the Rijksdaalder drawings you see a house called Villa Inzicht.
This Villa is recreated and you can go bird watching as that was one of the topics of his drawings and favourite hobby.

Its an impressive exhibition and I hope it will remain so long that everyone will virtually meet this great artist Peter Vos.
I am honoured to have met him in this amazing virtual world through his son.

To see his exhibition follow the slurl "Peter Vos in Second Life"

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