zaterdag 11 juni 2011


These couple of days I got strange messages in world someone is going to let us come to a DDU Duran Duran Universe which seems to be islands of the great band Duran Duran that was planned in 2007.

I should jump up and scream FINALLY!!
Especially as this is the reason why I am in the wonderful virtual world of Second Life.

But unfortunate as people know me there is an awkward feeling. The message comes from a person that once pretended to be a friend but abused me and many others in second life.

Even at one point kept low profile and stayed away from the area during that time and its community to make sure the project does not come between the silly drama that was created by obsession.

We know the sims were made by a great branding company during that time and we had the most greatest fun with this company while they builded it up.
Then in 2007 they gave the project back to their clients and afterwards we did not hear anything.

The hype of Second Life went down and many brands left.

Still with a lot we did not lose the understanding of innovation and creation and as a social platform and moved on developing.
Me exploring around this virtual world and many other 3D solution platforms as to fill up the time of waiting.

With the exploration I understand that the project could be the first Virtual presence of a great group and its fan community but it was too early in a virtual world that was still developing.

Copy right issues maintenance issues and the fact that only 50 avatars could walk around.

The world is now more stable so a good thought to have it released now.

Only is it still from Duran Duran? As we did not see any official messages from Duran Duran itself through their own channels.

Are these islands maybe given to this person as not knowing what to do with it?
As it happened with many islands.

I notice more that fans and especially from around 2006 wondering these questions.

Nevertheless of course we will have a look despite it all as I am curious about the changes that are made.

For who ever now runs this project the true colours are known to some of us and we hope new ones never will find out the same way as some of us did.

Personally I am glad finally the project will reveal only not in the stage that I know but it will take a burden away from me as a best kept secret for many years.


12 - 6 - 2011

One official channel is mentioning the presence
AskKatybook Ask Katy
Nick's bday playlist in Second Life: Speaking of, the @duranduran Second Life Universe will open to public June 22nd!


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  1. Hi Joja, from Silent.

    I hope something good is coming, but I won't believe it 'til I see it.

    Hugs from The Bunny

  2. Officially announced on the band's website: