woensdag 15 juni 2011

Finally! Waiting is over!

Finally my waiting is over! Best kept secret revealed. I am happy as it gives a burden away.
Sad is though it took an hour and an IM fight was made. Accused for being insane and jelous! For what I do not know.. Guess it is all the old fashioned SL drama again when some people do not know how to handle emotions.
Anyway I am glad waiting is over and hope we all will have fun with no drama.

Virtual Worlds are the future for creativity and co creation!
Also for a great creative band as Duran Duran.
Wish them all the fun in this world!

1 opmerking:

  1. yes cos we all know that your the jealous type JoJa ;) The girl that is one of the least drama types.
    Karma is nasty and she always gets you in the end *hugs*
    Knowing you you came out on top and the real jealousy will fester with those that owns it.
    Im proud to have you as a friend JoJa!