donderdag 28 februari 2013

Shapeways World Meetup Day #SWmeetup: Making the Virtual Real

Join us Thursday, February 28th, for a virtual meet up as part of the+Shapeways World Meetup Day 2012. It will be hosted by +JoJa Dhara who along with +Jeroen Frans (Frans Charming) will be on site at the Shapeways Meetup in Amsterdam. We will share updates from the local event as well as have a featured conversation with Maxi Gossamer a jewlery designer ( who uses both Second Life and Shapeways to design and sell her 3D creations.

From Maxi's blog post on using Shapeways for 3D printing what were originally 3D virtual jewelry designs:

Shapeways and 3D printing is something that many SL creators could start thinking about right now. We can build in mesh for Second Life and then take those meshes and send them to the awesome Shapeways (3D printing bureau and shop), upload them and make them available for sale as real world products too, offering lots of different materials from Sterling silver, to bronze and other materials. This is really quite an amazing opportunity for digital creators of all kinds. 

Join us in +Second Life at: or watch online the Netherlands Shapeways meetup at:

February 28th, 2013, 10:30 AM PDT (SL) / 1:30 PM EST

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