zaterdag 6 december 2014

Singularity is near!

An avatar is a virtual reflection of yourself. An ideal person and you are the one that controls it. For many years me and my avie had so much fun walking the virtual worlds. We saw both the future through beautifull creations and some are created as prototyping for real. Today I am onSIMVALLEY NL and John Silver pointed me out that he decorated the Ballroom sim. He told me about this new dancing machine were you can dance with other Avatars but now allso with an NPC. In here I can just choose my dancepartner... Amazing... I mean thinking of this.. in this virtual world we are living the future. Simulate what can be for real. I mean with the future of robotics the same will happen for real!! I can just choose what my partner will look like and dance with him the whole night through.. and the best is ..ON MY TERMS!! Wow ..Singularity is Near!! 

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